This applet shows some geometrical properties of K-Nearest Neighbors, Natural Neighbors (or Delaunay Neighbors) and Gamma-Observable Neighbors [1].

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- Push left button and move the mouse to move the green dot, observe its neighbors (nearest in yellow, others in red);
- Push "English/FranÁais" button to change the language;
- Select the neighborhood type in the unrolling menu;
- Use the "Mode" button to visualize and infer different geometrical properties and how they change with the green dot position;
- Use the slider to change the parameter K or Gamma.

This applet © 2001 MichaŽl Aupetit

[1] MichaŽl Aupetit, Pierre Couturier, Pierre Massotte."Gamma-Observable neighbours for vector quantization."
Neural Networks, Volume 15, Issues 8-9, October-November 2002, Pages 1017-1027. Elsevier